Scrapbook making is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and creative activities one could take up as a hobby.  It teaches you to think outside of the box by learning to be resourceful and looking into various possibilities on how to turn a blank sheet of paper into a work of art that immortalizes each precious memory for you to share to all your loved ones and friends.


Scrapbooking Layout Design Ideas

There are many ways to design a scrapbook.  One of these is album scrapbook making.  This is the simplest and most common styles that are used when creating a scrapbook, especially among those who have just begun taking up the hobby because this style is very similar to conventional photo albums such that this involves combining a number of photographs on a page with a short caption describing each of the photographs. 


The difference is that unlike conventional photo albums where the photos are placed on a page with a couple of captions, in album scrapbook making, various keepsake items and decorative materials are also included alongside with the photographs used.


Unlike other styles of scrapbooks, album scrapbook making only requires a few materials, which are extremely to come by and could easily be found at home or at your local arts and crafts store. 


The first thing that you would need is, of course, an album.  Albums come in different sizes.  Many of those that have take scrapbook making have preferred using albums measuring 12 inches x 12 inches as opposed to the smaller 8.5 inches x 11 inches, which is the same size as a letter size bond paper.  This is because a scrapbook maker can put in more pictures for every page as compared to the letter-size album. 


Just as there are a number of different sizes for the albums available so are there number of binding methods that have been used for these albums.  For album scrapbook making, one of the most preferred types of albums are post-bound albums.  These albums contain fillers where up to three pictures can be placed on each page.  These fillers are bounded together by three metal posts. 


Not only would these kinds of albums allow you to change the arrangement of the photographs that are included in this scrapbook at any point in time, but would also allow you to add as much pages as you need or remove the excess pages so that you would not have any blank pages on the album scrapbook.


Scrapbooking Binders

3-Ring Binders are another favorite choice by avid scrapbook makers to use for creating album scrapbooks.  Because these binders would often be made by large rings, it is very easy to just keep on adding and adding more and more pages on the album scrapbook, further encouraging beginners to work more on scrapbook making and eventually allow them to try other scrapbook making styles.


When you have already selected what album would you like to use.  The next thing you would to look into is what kind of decorations you would want to incorporate in your album scrapbook.  One inexpensive decoration you can use is stickers.  These come in all colors and styles.  The most popular kinds of stickers are quote balloon stickers. 


You could easily write down your own remarks to add a dose of humor to your scrapbook.  Other materials that are commonly used are cut outs from magazines, pieces of fabric, nametag, punch outs and rubber stamps.  Because the pictures of album are protected by a plastic cover, you can pretty much use any materials without having to worry about compromising the photographs included in your album scrapbook.