There is no question about it.  Spending time to bond with your children is a very important aspect of their development.  That is the reason why fathers would take out their sons to camping trips, mothers would encourage their daughters on during cheerleading practice and entire families would spend an entire day at the beach.  But, bonding activities do not have to be limited to the outdoors. 


There are a number of activities that could be enjoyed by the entire family without having to go elsewhere but are nevertheless equally as fun, rewarding and fruitful.  One such activity is setting up scrapbook kit making activities which could be done by their entire family, especially during family reunions. 


As the hobby of scrapbook making is becoming more and more popular, many families have begun to include scrapbook kit making activities as part of their “bonding sessions.”  This is because the activity not only allows them to create page after page of memories perfectly reserved, but the finish product would serve as a living testament of the bond shared between parents and their children which can be shared to their children’s children when the time comes.


Nowadays, many arts and crafts stores sell ready-made scrapbook making kits for all occasions.  These scrapbook making kits would often include stencils, page templates, coloring materials, stickers, trinkets and fabric materials.  Some of the more expensive scrapbook making kits includes a camera which you can use to take pictures as soon as you head out of the store.  All of these readily available kits come with instructions to guide you and your family throughout the entire scrapbook making process while training your children to follow instructions which would benefit them later on in their life.


Of course, you do not have to spend a lot to get a scrapbook making kit to get you and your family started on the entire process.  In fact, you can create your own personalized scrapbook making kit for all of the special occasions that you and your family would like to preserve.  Not only would these kits make your scrapbooks more personalized but it would also save you a lot of money while providing a venue for you and your family to develop your hidden creative talents.


If you would like to create your family’s own scrapbook making kit, here are a few things that you may want to consider as you create your list of materials to collect for the kits:



Include in your scrapbook kits the favorite colors of your child which would be used as the color theme of their entire birthday scrapbooks.  You can also include trinkets and stickers as well as cut out pictures of their interests, hobbies and even their favorite cartoon characters which they can use to decorate the pages of their own scrapbook.  If you often catch your little girl playing the role of a princess in her room, you may want to also incorporate this into the scrapbook making kits by creating layouts for the pages of the scrapbook in the shape of a castle.


While many scrapbooks that have been created for weddings and wedding anniversaries using white materials and fabrics, you can make this more personal by adding fabrics and materials would remind you more of that very special day. 


Some of the things that you could include are pieces of the fabric that was used for your bridesmaid dresses, lace materials, paper in the color motifs that you have used dried flowers of those that were included in your bouquet.  If you have traveled during your wedding anniversaries, you could include cut out pictures of the places that you have visited and also ticket stubs, postcards, stamps and coins from the places you went to. 



This is perhaps the easiest kit you could create since there are a wide variety of materials that are available which you can use.  Apart from the usual stickers, greeting cards and stamps that are often used, you can include other materials such as hollies, plaid ribbons, dried leaves that fell in autumn (for Thanksgiving), pine tree branches, mistletoes, worn out trimmings on the Christmas tree and recipes that you have used to prepare the Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving dinner. 


For Halloween scrapbook making kits, you can also include parts of the costume that your child has worn as well as cotton which would be perfect to create spider webs that could be used as a border for the pages.