Wedding Scrapbook Paper

With the advent of user-friendly computer design software programs, scrapbook making has now transcended in the digital age with many scrapbooks created from start to finish on the computer and stored either in the computer hard drive or through the use of a CD.  However, a few purists have continued to create scrapbooks out of paper.  After all, this was how scrapbooks have been created for decades.



If you would like to try your hand on creating a scrapbook the old-fashioned way, the first thing that you would need to look into is the kind of paper that you would be using for the scrapbook.  With so many kinds of paper to choose from, this could be surprisingly a challenging task. 


One of the all-time favorites of paper scrapbook hobbyist is the use of recycled paper and cut outs from old magazines and newspapers.  Not only does it uphold the very nature of scrapbook making – creating a book from scrap materials – but also allow them to use their creativity while saving money which many new scrapbook makers spend on decorative materials. 


The subject matter that would be used to create the scrapbook would ultimately determine the materials that would be used and also the overall look of the entire scrapbook.



Selecting the right kind of paper is not limited to the pages of the scrapbook but also on the material of the paper used on the magazines from where you can cut out images and text to be used to decorate the different pages of the scrapbook.  Oftentimes, images and text from glossy magazines are the most preferred to be used by scrapbook makers who are creating the project based on recent memories. 


On the other hand, they would veer into using cut outs and text captions printed on matte paper to retain the nostalgic feel and look of the scrapbook.  This is why it is very important not to just use one kind of magazine for your scrapbook making projects.  Many avid scrapbook makers tend to have a collection of different kinds of magazines with different materials and different topics ranging from fashion and bridal magazines to architecture and craft magazines.



Having an understanding of basic design elements can heighten the overall theme of your scrapbook.  Among the design elements that you would need to consider are the pattern, color and texture that would be applied for the various pages of the scrapbook.  You do not have to repeatedly use the same color or texture of material for each page. 


Using a color swatch which you can get at your local arts and crafts store will allow you to use colors that would complement the main color used for the scrapbook.  Along with this, you can use fabric swatches (also available at local arts and crafts store as well as fabric stores) to choose different fabrics with similar textures of the primary fabric used to ensure continuity and to be able to develop a pattern throughout the entire scrapbook.



The main goal is to try to make the scrapbook last for long periods of time.  Unfortunately, certain fabric and even paper materials do not last as long as others.  If you are also living an area where the level of humidity is relatively high, the scrapbook may not last as long as you hope as well since humidity causes the paper to deteriorate faster.  Try spending a few extra dollars on plastic bounds to cover your masterpiece.  It would protect the pages of your scrapbook from the elements and frequent turning of the pages and make it last a whole lot longer.


Overall, creating a paper scrapbook would be able to provide you a different sense of feeling of reward which you would not experience if you merely create the scrapbook using the computer and make it to be appreciated more by those who you show it to.