Every once in a while, we would experience something so remarkable that we would always say to ourselves: “I want to remember this for the rest of my life.”  This is the reason why scrapbook making has become an extremely popular hobby done by people of all ages. 


Creating a scrapbook has always been equated with the preservation of memories through the use of bits and pieces that would remind you of that particular event from something as a fallen autumn leaf, a photograph taken to capture that particular moment in time or a charm from your favorite bracelet whose chains have been broken.


Themes of scrapbooks have been just as diverse as the things that you can include in its pages.  Here are some of the top reasons why people would create a scrapbook:



Congratulations!  You have just found out that you are having a baby.  Every pregnancy is a miracle and a whole new experience for an expectant mother whether this is your first baby or third.  Oftentimes, the pictures begin as soon as your baby is born.  But why not make this more special for your and your baby?  Some scrapbook makers begin would usually begin this kind of scrapbook with pictures of the pregnancy test. 


This would progress showing ultrasound images, pictures of your belly every month, your baby shower, pictures of you in labor and childbirth and after. Some scrapbooks end there.  While others would go as far as the first year with pictures showing your baby’s first day at home, first teeth, first haircut, first walk and ending with the first birthday.     


Creating a scrapbook showing the entire pregnancy all throughout the birth and the first year is something that you would not only look back at lovingly but would be a perfect way for you to bond with your child showing that the excitement began not at birth, but at the discovery of the results.



You may have had a photographer and a video crew during your wedding but that does not mean that you cannot create your very own take on it.  By creating a wedding scrapbook you would be able tell the story of our very own wedding from the engagement to the preparations to the ceremony itself and even down to the honeymoon which you and your husband would be able to look back during your wedding anniversaries. 


Since you already have the photo album provided by the photographer documenting the entire event, you could create a wedding scrapbook showing the preparations that you have made for your wedding day.  In fact, many wedding scrapbooks end in with the wedding ceremonies and begin from the very first date so many years ago. 



For many teenagers, this is one of the all-time favorite themes for their scrapbooks.  After all, high school offers the most memorable years in every person’s life.  Tickets to concerts, the football game, strands of pompoms, friendship bracelets, your first pay slip from your first part time job, petals from the first bouquet of roses from your boyfriend, your prom queen sash and the hundreds upon hundreds pictures taken in school and during parties can all be lovingly stored in your scrapbook.