There is no other hobby that would allow you to create something that you can be proud of, but would let you be able to share your memories to all your friends and loved ones than the art of scrapbook making



This is because it is only through scrapbook making where you can be able to combine various materials, charms, photographs and stickers which would not seem to relate to each other by itself, but when pasted on a scrapbook paper side by side with each other, it creates an entire scenario that tells a story about a particular event in a person’s life that would always remain be a very special memory.


While scrapbook making as a hobby is extremely easy, beginners to the hobby tend to be a little bit to excited to use every little bit of design materials purchase and crunching them all in one page making the page not only appear too cluttered but will also cause the photograph, which is one of the fundamental materials whenever you create a scrapbook, to be overpowered by all the design materials placed on the page. 


This would often lead to many friends paying more attention to the details that you have included in your scrapbook page rather than the photograph of the event that you are sharing to them, even if this is right smack on the center of the entire page. 


As the saying goes, “too much of anything is always a bad thing.”  This holds true in scrapbook making.  In fact, this is the biggest challenge that any scrapbook maker would need to face is how to design a scrapbook page.  If you put in too little details and decorations, your scrapbook would look not that different from a conventional photo album which often is considered by many as dull and boring.  On the other hand, putting in too much details and information would cause confusion as to what particular story are you trying to relay to your friends and family members as you show them your scrapbook.


Creating a clean and simple layout for the pages of your scrapbook is no easy task and often the hardest technique beginners to the hobby of scrapbook making to master.  When you plan your page layout, remember that having a simple scrapbook layout out does not mean that you would limit yourself to one or two pictures and a few decorative elements that you can easily count with just one hand.  In fact, you could have as many as five pictures on one page on top of the decorations and captions and it would still remain extremely neat looking and pleasing to view.


Create A Page Scrapbook

The neatest of a scrapbook page lies on the way how you properly place all the elements that you would like to add on the paper.  Before you paste all the photographs, mementos and decorations, try putting them down on the paper so that you can easily remove, add or move things around until you are satisfied that the page has everything that you want to put in without looking too chaotic.


One trick in doing this is starting from the center with the largest material that you would be using and working your way out, making sure that if you put an element, say a ticket stub, on the left side, you would need to find something that is around the same size of this on the right side, like the logo of the basketball team that you watched.  Once everything is in place then you can start putting little bits of decoration.  Just remember to go easy on this.