ONLINE SCRAPBOOK MAKING - Free Online Scrapbooking Idea


What is a scrapbook?  To put it in simple terms, a scrap book is one that is created by using bit and pieces of scrap materials and photographs and arranged on the pages of an album or binder.  These decorations, mementos and photographs are arranged on the pages of the scrapbook in order to tell a story of a specific incident in a person’s life from cover to cover. 


Online Scrapbooking Idea

Although scrapbooks contain more photographs than words, a carefully crafted scrapbook would be able to narrate this story without the need for words.  After all, pictures and photograph speaks a thousand words which more often than not cannot be articulated through the use of words.


Every scrapbook begins with an idea and is executed with the use of materials, a bit of resourcefulness and a bit of imagination.  This is why many scrapbook makers have begun tapping into new ways to create their scrapbooks to make sure that these materials would serve as a living legacy of their lives.


They initially began using the computer and creating digital scrapbooks which they can easily copy onto a memory stick or a CD.  Today, they have now begun using the Internet not just to sell materials needed for scrapbook making but also as a venue for them to create their very own online scrapbooks. 


With many places to be able to get free hosting, avid scrapbook hobbyists have now begun uploading digital versions of their own scrapbooks.  As more and more scrapbook makers began to follow suites, more and more websites are now beginning to offer templates which those wanting to start their own online scrapbook can use as a jumpstart for their projects.


Download Free Templates For Scrapbooking

In fact, over 100,000 templates varying in themes, colors and styles are downloaded by avid scrapbook hobbyists.  Some of these templates are downloaded and then printed out to be used for conventional scrapbooks while many of these are actually used for online scrapbook projects.  If you do want to download these templates for your own scrapbook projects, make sure you carefully check these offers as some of these materials require you to pay a small fee for using this.


Many scrapbook purists have contested that creating online scrapbooks have defeated the purpose of the hobby by allowing templates to be used and not using bits and pieces of scrap materials for the creation of the entire scrapbook which is the main reason why scrapbooks are made to begin with.


Make A Scrapbook Online

While this may be the case, contrary to the belief of these purists, online scrapbook making had not only allowed scrapbook making to be so much easier and opening artistic opportunities to those who would need an extra boost in order to complete a beautifully crafted scrapbook but it had also provided an avenue for current scrapbook makers from all parts of the world to promote the art of scrapbook making, enticing more and more people to join the bandwagon and get into the hobby.


Furthermore, since online scrapbooks are available for everyone who has an access to the Internet to use, fellow scrapbook makers would be able to critique your work and would also offer suggestions and tips on how to improve the work which the scrapbook maker can always refer to in the future allowing room for improvement in the quality of the scrapbooks one can create and offer other themes that could be used to create another scrapbook.