Scrapbooks have always been considered as works of art because who would expect that seemingly useless materials we have come to know as scraps can be used to create a collection of memories that tell a story from start to finish with every single piece having something to share, lovingly preserved to allow you to easily look back and relive these memories with a sense of nostalgia. 


Scrapbooking Story

The main reason why people create scrapbooks is they would like to tell a story of a particular event in their life that they would like to remember and share to others.  This is why all scrapbooks contain photographs that have been taken during this period of time.  Through the photographs the event has been captured and preserved long after this has already passed.  Along with these photographs, scrapbook makers would also include other things that are associated to this particular event such as invitations, tickets and greeting cards to spark old memories that the camera was not able to capture. 


Oftentimes, the problem of many scrapbook hobbyists is that they would exert a lot of effort on the first few pages and then slowly diminish the creativity as they progress in their scrapbook making, causing them to ultimately become dull and boring as compared to the first few pages.


This is usually seen particularly among those who have just started taking up scrapbook making as a hobby.  The best way to avoid this from happening is to first create a layout that you could follow not only to achieve uniformity in the overall look of your scrapbook but also would make sure that each page would just be as creative and as wonderful as the page before it.


When creating a layout for your scrapbook, always remember that except for the first page of the scrapbook, the pages are always viewed side by side with each other.  Since this is the case, it is important that the layout you create would incorporate these two pages either as one large page or two complementary pages. 


Internet Scrapbooking

You can check the Internet for pictures of various scrapbook pages that would be able to give you an idea on how to create your very own layout.  One way is to get ideas from the event itself.  For example, if you are creating a scrapbook about your family reunion held last Christmas, you could create the layout by putting the photographs against a Christmas tree background, making the pictures look like the trimmings that you hang on a Christmas tree. 


Once you have created your layout, make sure that you first try out the design to see if it would work by laying out your photographs and decorations on the layout that you have created before you actually paste them onto the paper.  This would give you a good idea if this layout would work or not.  It would also prevent you from ruining the materials by trying to remove them if you do not feel satisfied with the design. 


It is also a good idea to look back on the pages that you have completed from the very beginning after finishing a couple of pages.  This is to make sure that the flow of the story that you would like to tell is understood.  It will also prevent you from using similar photographs.  Otherwise, you will just wind up telling one particular portion of the story over and over again, making your scrapbook boring.

More importantly, stick to making one scrapbook at a time. Usually, whenever you come across a particular picture or a memento, this might bring more memories which would be a good idea to create a scrapbook about.  If you keep on jumping from one project to another, not only would the likelihood that you will not get anything done be more likely, but also you will lose track of where you are in the project.  Keep a pen and note pad handy where you can write these future projects down so that once you complete the project that you currently working on, you can begin on this next scrapbook.