SCRAPBOOK MAKING 101 - Selecting A Scrapbooking For A Theme


Scrapbook making has become the most popular hobby today.  So far, many people only know scrapbook making as simply making a really fancy photo album. In a way, it is.  But the art of scrapbook making is more than that.  If you want to try your hand on scrapbook making but do not have a clue where to begin, this is the article for you.


First of all, just what is a scrapbook?  A scrapbook literally a book made out of bits and pieces of scrap materials that would have otherwise been thrown away.  This could be anything and everything from buttons to fabrics and strips of paper.  Scrapbooks were originally created by creating pages upon pages of various representations of certain important events of a person’s life and then bound together by string, rope or lace. 


Today, arts and crafts stores have now begun to sell scrapbook making materials and tools ranging from blank scrapbook albums which you would just need to fill up with designs and decorations to embossing and engraving tools for the more advance scrapbook makers.  With the advent of digital media, some scrapbook makers have begun to create virtual scrapbooks which they create through a computer and then stored in a CD, uploaded on the Internet or printed out for binding. 


Creating a scrapbook is now so easy to do that even a child can now create his or her own scrapbook from scratch for as long as you know where to begin.


Scrapbook Theme Ideas

The first thing that you would need to decide on is a theme.  What would you like to create a scrapbook about?  Recent memories and events in your life are a good place to start.  Have you just recently traveled?  Perhaps you have just graduated from high school?  The best way to choose which one you would be starting on first is by going through old photo albums, through your computer, digital camera and even your cell phone. 


You can also try asking your friends to give you copies of the photos that were taken by her camera.  The best scrapbooks are those that have lots and lots of pictures to choose from so that you won’t wind up lacking towards the end of the scrapbook. 


Once you have decided what would your scrapbook be all about, the next step is to gather up the materials that you would need to create the pages for your scrapbook.  Arts and crafts stores are full of these for you to choose from.  These items would range from specialty papers, stickers, charms and writing, cutting and adhesive materials.  Just make sure that before you purchase any of these products, it would be a good idea to make sure that none of these materials contain any acid components since these would easily damage your photographs if they come in contact with them.


You can also find lot of useful materials in your own room that you can use to decorate your scrapbook.  For example, if you are creating a scrapbook of your senior high school year, you could also include tickets to basketball games and football games that you have went to, pictures of your high school’s insignia or your high school’s mascot. 


When you have already collected all the materials that you will need to create your scrapbook, now it is time to make your imagination run wild.  Although there is no right or wrong way for you to create your very first scrapbook, it is important to remember that balance is everything.  Do not concentrate all of your efforts on the first few pages because by the time that you reach the last page of your scrapbook, you might be out of ideas and materials.