Gift items are sold everywhere from trade fairs, the mall and even on the Internet.  At this rate you might think that it is extremely easy to buy a gift for a special occasion, right?  Wrong!  Because of so many things that are now available, it is very hard to decide which one you should give because chances are, if you are able to buy it and you know your friend would love that gift he or she already has it. 


So to on the safe side, you always wind up getting the most generic gift that is available that you are sure that your friend would like it and even if ever he or she already has the same thing, it would still be okay because she would be able to use it again. 


That is usually the case when a special occasions and events come along like the birth of your friend’s baby. On occasions like this everybody would be giving pretty much the same thing, so why not give your friend something not as expensive as most of the gifts given by everyone else, but you are sure that it would be something that your friend would love and cherish for the rest of her life: a baby scrapbook.


What makes a scrapbook such an ideal gift to give to a friend or a loved one on special occasions such as the birth of a new baby or your daughter’s graduation from college is because it is a unique way for you to collect all of the precious memories captured in photographs and decorated to add a personal touch that no gift from even the most expensive mall in the country can compete with.


What’s more, it serves as an inspiration and a basis that your loved ones can look into to create their own scrapbooks to store their own memories for them to lovingly share to other people.  This is why aside from just giving a completed scrapbook some would even include a scrapbook making kit as part of the gift to get your friend or loved one started on the hobby.


Another reason why scrapbooks never fail to be the best gift you could ever give to a friend or a loved one is that it is extremely versatile and guaranteed to put a smile and a shock to their faces.  The important thing is that you just know how to create one. 


Free Online Scrap Booking

There are a number of websites online where you can get ideas and some arts and crafts stores even offer classes dedicated to the art of scrapbook making.  The versatility of the scrapbook is possible since each scrapbook is centered on one event. 


So even if you already have given your friend a scrapbook for their wedding day, giving them a scrapbook for the birth of their baby would still be equally accepted since it would serve as a continuation of your previous gift.


Because a scrapbook is meant to last for a lifetime, your friend can eventually share to her newborn baby the scrapbook that you have created and gave the time that he or she was born.  This would provide your friend and her child to bond with each other and strengthen their relationship. 


Moreover, when the time comes that your friend’s child has her own family, your friend can either choose to hold on to it so relive those wonderful memories or pass it on to her child so that he or she can share this to his or her children.