If a picture speaks a thousand words, a photograph tells a story.  Photographs are more than just snap shots.  They are events lovingly preserve to withstand through the test of time allowing you to look back on these memories and remember the laughter of days gone by. 


For decades, the conventional way of keeping these memories is through photo albums.  If these memories were valuable enough to be preserve in a photograph, why not then preserve the photograph through a scrapbook where you can make the memory come alive more vividly?


The art of scrapbook making has captured more and more people as it allows you to do more than just paste photographs as in the case of photo albums.  It allows the scrapbook maker to relive the memory down to its finest details by adding details to tell the story surrounding the events which would give your friends and loved ones a more vivid picture of the event as you lovingly share these precious memories by showing them your scrapbook. 


These may be a red and gold maple leaf that you have picked from the ground after you took the photograph of your family while out on a camping trip, a ticket stub of a recent basketball game where your high school team had won or a seashell you found on your recent trip to the beach.  Some scrapbook makers would actually collect some sand from the beach and paste this on the pages of the scrapbook. 


It is the use of these materials as forms of decorations where the hobby scrapbook got its name.  It comes from the root word scrap which refers to the materials used to decorate the pages of the scrapbook which are, in fact, scraps that other people would have otherwise disregarded or discarded. 


Because of the increasing popularity of scrapbook making as a hobby, there are now a wide variety of products and services that would assist you not only to relive memories that have been recently captured but would also allow you to salvage older photographs and allow them to once more come alive in your scrapbook. 


Local arts and crafts stores and hobby stores now sell a number of trinkets, pins, and other decorative materials that you could incorporate into the pages of these memories such as, say your baby pictures.  Also, many imaging stores are now offering services to restore old photographs to allow you to bring back these images from an era gone by.


Stickers For Scrapbooking

One of the most preferred design materials by scrapbook makers are stickers.  These stickers liven up the pages of your scrapbook easily.  However, before you use stickers in your scrapbook, make sure that these stickers were printed on acid-free paper and that the adhesive of these stickers are also acid-free. 


This is because the acid from the paper, and more importantly from the adhesive of stickers damages photographs by corroding these allowing these to fade more rapidly and as such, defeating the purpose of creating the scrapbook in the first place since the aim for creating a scrapbook is to relive the memories that have been encapsulated in the photographs taken. 


To make sure that you get to purchase the correct kind of stickers, it would be best to buy these at your local arts and crafts store and request for acid-free stickers which they would definitely have available.