Using Your Computer in Scrapbooking


There are no definite instructions on how you ought to create a scrapbook that anyone can consider to be an exquisite work of art.  So why not use your computer to help you in your scrapbooking to give it an added twist?


The computer has become a crucial tool that is used by everyone from accountants to writers and graphic designers for a variety of needs whether it would be to create a report or a brand new design. In fact, the only thing that would limit the capabilities of what a computer can do is determined by the limitations of its user.  Here are a number of ways how you can use your computer to help you add a bit more oomph to your scrapbook.



Computers have now made the world smaller through the Internet.  In fact, anything and everything that you would need for your scrapbooking projects can be found on the Internet. 


Why spend for ready-made scrapbook pages and stickers when you can actually download these over the Internet for free?  There are many websites that offer a number of ready-to-download templates and background designs that you can use for your scrapbook pages.  Just simply browse through the thousands of templates available, select which ones catch your eyes and print them out and PRESTO!   



Computer design software such as Graphic Arts Editors not only would provide you ready-to-use templates for your scrapbook page, but would also allow you to create a completed page in just a few clicks of a mouse by including captions and pictures which are scanned into your computer on the template. 


As you continue using your computer design software, you can begin experimenting on different ways to create a uniquely designed page.  The best thing about using this is that since you only print the pages that you are satisfied, you are able to try a number of designs and layouts until you are completely satisfied with it to print it out. 


While the initial cost of computer-design software programs are relatively higher, these are actually a huge investment which would save you money in the long run.



Have you ever experienced having to part with a scrapbook that you have worked so hard on because your daughter is getting married and wanted to have your scrapbook so that she could show it to her future children?  By using a computer to create your scrapbook that would not be a hard thing to do. 


Since you can save your completed scrapbook pages in your computer, you can just simply print this out or save it on a CD so you can share your memories to other members of your family which they can lovingly look back to. 

On top of this, you can have different versions of the same scrapbook. 


Once again, the sky is the limit.  Have the option to choose whether you would want your scrapbook to have a standard rectangular or square shape or have a rather eccentric form?  Do you want the pages to be printed back to back on a scented heavy paper in full color or would you want it to be printed on parchment paper to give it a more rustic look or both?  You have the final say.



Apart from allowing you to create scrapbook pages from start to finish, computer design software programs also come with photo enhancing tools that would allow you to bring the color and crispness of the pictures that were taken years ago.


Some scrapbook makers who have a knack for graphic design could actually restore old photographs by removing white marks creases and scratches and even convert these pictures from black and white or sepia tones to color!  Want to use your old prom picture minus your ex-boyfriend who is standing behind you? 


These software programs would allow you to do just that without completely ruining the picture so that you can always put back when you two get back together.


Contrary to popular belief, using computers to create your own scrapbook does not minimize its personality.  In fact, computers offer a whole lot more possibilities for your scrapbooking projects which conventional methods would otherwise not be able to give you.